Oecoplan – For maximum quality and minimum impact on the environment – recommended by WWF

Nature deserves to be looked after. With the Oecoplan product line we offer a green alternative so that the sourcing of raw materials and the manufacture and disposal of products leave as little trace as possible. We help to protect our most important natural elements, such as the soil, water and air.

More natural and more powerful

Every single Oecoplan product is developed with care and a view to ensuring that it is as eco-friendly as possible. These 20 or so cleaning products for various applications are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way, proving that ecology and good quality can go hand-in-hand. A product range that offers excellent value for money and a clear environmental added value.

Naturally, it is not only the product and packaging that are highly eco-friendly. We also choose the most ecological methods possible at the manufacturing and processing stages.

A clean solution all round

The ecological added value is declared on every package, so you can see exactly whether your product was made out of recycled materials or is particularly water-friendly.


All-purpose cleaner, bath cleaner, scouring cream, gall soap, detergent for delicates, fabric conditioner, glass cleaner, washing-up liquid, kitchen cleaner, neutral cleaner, cleaning vinegar, cleaning spirits, soft soap, washing detergent, toilet cleaner

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