Naturaline Kids

Naturaline Kids

The adorable body-care monsters depicted on the child-friendly packaging will entice even small shower-shirkers into the bathroom. Parents and children can choose between a foam soap with sweet pea and daisy blossom, a mild shampoo with clover and many other products specially adapted to meet the needs of children’s sensitive skin.


Foam soap, shower gel, foam bath, shampoo and shampoo with conditioner

Naturaline – know what you put on your skin

Naturaline cosmetic products are effective natural skincare products. They are developed on the basis of the latest scientific insights as well as the ower of nature. We use genuine, high-grade ingredients – many of which are certified organic – as well as natural essential oils. We are committed to treating people and nature in a respectful and sustainable way and use natural resources with care. This is the mission we commit to with our Naturaline cosmetic products.

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