Das Blumenhaus Buchegg: a home for life

Founded in 1942 in a flower-bedecked farmhouse for just a few children, today the “Blumenhaus Buchegg” supports over 100 people of all ages living with mental and multiple disabilities. Drawing on their wealth of expertise, experience and compassion, the staff at the “Blumenhaus Buchegg” help residents lead lives that are as independent and fulfilling as possible. And most importantly of all: “Blumenhaus Buchegg” aims to be much more than just a roof over the heads of the people who live there. Its aim is to be a home for life.


Dock Gruppe AG

Dock Gruppe AG is a social enterprise for people who have been out of work for long periods. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the “Stiftung für Arbeit”, a St. Gallen-based foundation aimed at getting people into or back into employment. For over fifteen years, it has been offering jobs to the long-term unemployed. The group currently has 9 offices and employment contracts with around 1,400 people.


VEBO Genossenschaft

VEBO Genossenschaft is a successful cooperative that provides employment and residential services as well as vocational training for recipients of disability pensions. VEBO’s aim is to promote the integration of people living with impairments. It does this through a social commitment underpinned by professional entrepreneurship and a business-minded approach.


Bildungsstätte Sommeri

The “Bildungsstätte Sommeri” offers quality of life with assistance and support. People with cognitive impairments find the training, living and work places of their choice at the “Bildungsstätte Sommeri”. With its sheltered work areas, it covers a range of industrial and commercial services, with the primary focus on quality, flexibility and punctual delivery.


Borna Arbeits- und Wohngemeinschaft

Borna is a work and living community for adults with disabilities. It currently offers regular work activities to 135 employees of working age, with the activities tailored to the disabilities involved and provided either via sheltered workshops or from home. Borna’s main focus is on manual work and handicrafts, and it offers a broad range of its own products for daily use, as well as keepsakes and small and large gift items.


Stiftung Zukunft Thurgau

“Stiftung Zukunft Thurgau” is a service company that has been helping jobseekers integrate into the workforce since 1999. Almost half of all those helped by “Stiftung Zukunft Thurgau” find a job within four months. This is made possible by a network of integration offices and training courses that are used by over 1,200 people each year.


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